New Arrivals 2/14/18

February 13, 2018




We have a large shipment of African cichlids, and saltwater this week. Some of the rarer Africans on the list include Albino blue dolphins, Lethrinops Albus, and Lethrinops Microstoma. See the full list below.




Albino Blue Dolphin

Albino Eureka Red

Albino Zebra

Aulonocara Benga

Aulonocara Hueseri Midnight

Aulonocara Lwanda

Aulonocara Maylandi Sulphur Head

Aulonocara Saulosi green face

Aulonocara swallow tail Jake

Cobalt Blue Zebra

Copadichromis atropinnis

Eureka Red

Lethrinops Albus Kande

Lethrinops Microstoma

Lethrinops Red cap Chirwa 

Metriaclima callainos Pearl 

Metriaclima prysonotos Red Top

Msobo Deep

Nimbochromis Venustus

OB Electric Blue Ahli 

OB Red Fin Borleyi 

OB Zebra

Paratilapia Bleekeri

Protomelas Insignis

Pundamilia Nyererei Juma Isl

Red Shoulder Peacock

Rock Kribensis

Scieanochromis Fryeri

Yellow Labs



Albino Corydoras

Black Angel

Blue Rams

Diamond Angels

Gold Ram

Goyder river rainbow

Lemon Tetra

Millenium Rainbows Males

Odessa barb

Panda Cory

Red & Blue Columbian Tetra



Red Fin Pleco

Rhino Pleco

Synodontis petricola

Up Side Down Catfish



Blue Dot Goby

Blue/orange ricordia

Cerith snail

Debelius wrasse

Electric blue hermit

Flasher wrasse male

Pakistan butterfly

Peppermint shrimpo lrg

Pulsing Xenia

Purple firefish goby

Rusty Angel

Squapiminis male

Torch Coral

Yellow Tang



Acarichthys Heckelii

Electric Blue Acara

Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

Green Terror

Green Texas


Orange Shoulder Severum

Parachromis Dovii

Yellow Acara

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