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4/11/18 New Arrivals

We just received two large order at the store. One had a large number of fancy plecos, and the other was a saltwater order with a LOT of designer clown fish! Most of the clowns are a good size, 2"++.


Copadichromis chrysonatus

Otopharynx lithobates red top

Paratilapia bleekeri


Apisto agassizi double red

Apisto schwarzkehl Colombian

German Blue Ram


Ctenopoma ansorgei dwarf bush


Ancistrinae sp blue panaque L239

Dekeyseria brachyura butterfly L168

Dekeyseria pulcher L52

Hypancistrus inspector big spot snowball L201

Hypancistrus mega clown L340

Hypancistrus zebra type L199

Panaque albomaculatus orange spot LDA31

Panaque maccus tiger clown L104

Peckoltia sp. Tiger L243

Pecokltia Orinoco tiger pleco L202


Mocha Clown

Vivid Fancy Clown

Maroon Gold Stripe Clown

Striped Fang Blenny

Frostbite Chilled Clown

Kamohara Blenny

Ocellaris Clown

Cinnamon Clown

Disco Blenny

Mai Tai Clown

Cream Angel

Platinum Clown

Hollywood stunner

Red cap coral

Kiwi Litho coral

Medusa Montipora

Mystic Sunset Montipora

Gorgonia coral

Purple Montipora

Lemon Shade

Neon green pavona

Green Star Polyp

Fancy Super Clown

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