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If you cant find the answer to your question below, please feel free to email us! We are here to help! The more educated you are about the fish you purchase, the happier you will be.

Do you ship?


Yes! You can email, call, or Facebook message us any fish that you are interested in having shipped. If emailing or messaging, please include a zip code in order for us to give you an accurate shipping estimate. We have a live arrival guarantee on same day and next day shipments. We do not have a live arrival guarantee on 2 day or longer, though very rarely do we have issues with 2 day delivery.



What do the aggression levels mean?

These ratings are very important, as they will determine what fish can be best kept with each other. While you would be best to keep fish together that are within a few numbers of each other (ex. any from 4-6), its possible to have a few fish outside of this range as long as they are not hyper dominant, or overly docile. Each fish can be an outlier for its species, but these are general guidelines.​ If you ever are in doubt, feel free to ask us, and we can help you put together the perfect mix.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, Paypal, and credit card. You can put together an order in advance from the website, and bring it into the store to pickup and pay.

I can't find the fish or product I need, can you order it in?

YES!!! If we dont have it, we can find it. We specialize in rare and exotic fish! Some fish will take longer to find based on rarity, but we CAN GET IT!


I just filled up my aquarium with water, can I add fish?

Your aquarium will need to cycle first. We suggest a fishless cycle, as it is the least harmful to the fish.


For more info on cycling your aquarium without fish, see the below link:


Alternatively, there are other methods that can be used to instantly, or very quickly cycle your tank, with fish.


1. Use media (filters, gravel, etc.) from a tank that is already cycled. We use sponge filters in many of our tanks, and if we want to setup a new tank, we fill it with water, dose with water conditioner, and then put in a sponge or two (depending on tank size) that has already been colonized by good bacteria. After that you can add fish immediately.


2. There are several additives you can use in conjunction with #1 above, or on their own, that will very drastically reduce the cycle time on your aquarium. Several of these that we usually carry would be Seachem Stability, and Tetra safe start. You will generally have to start with considerably fewer fish with this method vs #1, until your cycle is fully caught up.

Do you take in fish/Can I return fish?

We QUARANTINE EVERY fish before it comes in to the store, for at LEAST 10 days, no matter where it comes from. We do this to ensure that the fish are healthy, eating, and acclimated to our water before they become available for sale. We certainly wouldn’t want to buy potentially sick fish, and we don’t expect you to either! We want to do everything possible to ensure that you have a healthy, happy tank.

Due to our quarantining process, most if not all, of our off-site aquariums are planned out weeks in advance, so that we can keep a continuous flow of new and exciting fish coming into the store. Because of this, we can NOT take back fish, as we would need to clear out a whole tank to quarantine said fish. Once it leaves the store, it is considered a new fish, and needs to go through the quarantine process again. Very rarely can we take fish in on trade; generally, only if it is something in high demand, or very rare. Contact us a few weeks in advance if you have something that you think we would be interested in, and we can discuss.


Do you have piranhas/Axelotls? 

We get asked this so frequently that we decided to add it in here. We generally do not carry either; but on the rare occasion, we can pre-order them for you. PLEASE make sure that you know what you are getting into BEFORE ordering them.


Do you have feeder fish? 

The short answer is NO. We unfortunately do not have the tank space to dedicate to something such as feeder fish. Coupled with the fact that many times feeder fish get shipping in with terrible health, and they really are not suitable to feed your fish. A good quality pellet or frozen food should suffice for most fish.

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