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Here at Blue Hook Aquatics we take great pride and care in the fish that we keep. We quarantine EVERY fish that you see for sale for a minimum of 10 days to ensure you're getting the healthiest and best quality fish around! We feel that as a customer you deserve the extra sense of security; knowing that you will not be bringing home a fish that is carrying a yet unknown disease.

We strive to have a constantly changing stock of very high quality fish, many that you will not see anywhere else! We were once customers ourselves, and know how annoying it can be to walk into your local fish store, and see the same fish over and over. We love seeing new and exciting fish just as much as you do!

If  you ever have any questions we are here to help! Always feel free to ask us as many questions as possible; we can't answer the questions that aren't asked! The more informed you are the better choices you will make, and the happier and healthier your fish will be. 

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