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Newest Fish Arrivals 5/18/16

Below is our complete list of new fish; prices and sizes will be added shortly (feel free to email us for more info for now)

  • Pterophyllum cf. scalare "Peru Altum"

  • Leporinus cf. affinis

  • Geophagus abalios

  • Heros cf. severus "Atabapo"

  • Bullseye leaf fish Ctenopoma ocellatum

  • Jellybean tetra

  • Pelvicachromis silviae

  • Pelvicachromis taeniatus"Moliwe"

  • Enigmatochromis lucanusii “Bluefin"

  • Blue Vampire shrimp

  • Marbled hatchet fish

  • Mochokiella paynei ---Yellow Marble Catfish

  • Dwarf Giraffe Catfish Paraucehnoglanis cf. macrostoma

  • Synodontis ocellifer

  • Synodontis cf.koensis Black spotted yellow Syno

  • Synodontis nigriventer upside down catfish

  • Royal Pleco Panaque nigrolineatus L190

  • Green Phantom Baryancistrus demantoides L200 A

  • Blue Phantom Hemiancistrus sp. L128

  • Hypancistrus contradens L201

  • Star light Ancistrus dolichopterus L183

  • Pseudolithoxus tigris L257

  • Butterfly Pleco Zonacinstrus brachyura L168

  • Gold Stripe Panaque Panaqolus sp. LDA 1

  • Orange seam pleco Hemiancistrus guahiborum L106

  • Mega Clown pleco Hypancistrus sp. L340

  • Red Tailed leopard pleco Pseudacanthicus sp. L114

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