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Blue Hook Aquatics 7/15/19 New Arrivals

Our most recent arrivals have a HEAVY saltwater selection, particularly different kinds of fancy clown fish; many we have never had before. We also got some nice Mpimbwe blue Frontosa and Black Calvus, and some nice plecos!!


Neolamprologus leleupi

Frontosa Mpimbwe Blue

Black Calvus

Protomelas annectens

Otopharynx Tetrastigma


Blue Tetra (Boehlkea fredcochui)

Corydoras Melanotaenia

Hoplo Catfish

Geophagus surinamensis


Golden blue-eyed bristlenose

Galaxis Bushynose L181

Watermelon Royal Dotted L-330

Snowball Pleco L201

Super red bushynose


Black Clown

Black Domino Clown

Black Snowflake Clown

Blacker Ice Clown

Dragon Goby

Fancy Snowflake Clown

Fiji Sunkist Pink Skunk

Indigo Dottyback

Kamohara Blenny

Mai Tai Clown

Maroon Gold Nugget Clown

Maroon White Stripe Clown

Orange Storm Clown

Platinum Clown

Striped Fang Blenny

Stripeless Cinnamon Clown

Super Fancy clown

Vivid Fancy Clown

Wyoming White Clown

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