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03/05/19 Newest Arrivals!

Check out our newest arrivals below! We have some very nice saltwater fish, some big plecos that we rarely get in stock (L95 orange cheek pinecone!!), and a nice mix of community fish.


Aulonocara Hueseri midnight peacock

Aulonocara sp. "Saffron" peacock

Blue Dolphin

Cobalt Zebra

Lethrinops marginatus red fin

Lethrinops mbasi Mbasi Creek


Metriaclima msobo

OB Copadichromis borleyi

OB Super red empress

Otopharynx lithobates Z-Rocks (European Import)

Steatocrannus tinanti Slim Buffalohead

Taeniolethrinops praeorbitalis (European Import)


Synodontis Eupterus

Synodontis Ocellifer


Albino Buenos Air Tetra

Albino corydoras

Albino millenium orange rainbow

Aphyoplatys duboisi

Black Veil Angel Fish

Buenos Air Tetra

Deepwater creek rainbow

Dwarf Neon Rainbow

Kamaka Rainbow

Odessa Barb

Orange Von Rio Tetra

Silver Tip Tetra

Sunset Thicklip Gourami

Tiger Stripe Silver Dollars


Blue Phantom Pleco L128

Butterfly pleco L168

Gold nugget l177

Hypancistrus contradens L201 snowball Pleco

Medusa Pleco L34

Orange cheek pinecone L95

Queen Arabesque L260

Royal Pleco L190

Thunderline royal L27 "Jamanaxim"


Acarichthys Heckelii

Apistogramma pandurini

Biodotoma waverini


Red Devil

Red spot turquoise severum

Satanoperca daemon


Anthias Purple Queen

Black Photon Clownfish

Color Zooanthid Polyp

Coral Hogfish

Cucumber Yellow

Foxface Rabbitfish

Gold-Head Sleeper Goby

Lawnmower Blenny

Orchid Dottyback TR

Purple Firefish Goby

Red Banded Pistol Shrimp

Red Squirrelfish

Saddleback Butterfly

TriColor Fairy Wrasse Male

Watchman Yellow Goby

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