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Newest Arrivals 11/06/16

We have a rather African cichlid, and saltwater heavy list below. The larger male peacock/haps are studs!! And we have begun to flesh out our saltwater offerings! Stop in and check out all the new fish!


Albino Dimidio Comp 2''

Albino Strawberry 1.5"

Aulonocara Koningsi 5" STUD

Aulonocara Lwanda 2.25-2.5"

Aulonocara Otter Point Jake 5"+ STUD

Callochromis melanostigma F1 - 2"

Copadichromis Mbenji 5" STUD

Copadichromis mloto Likoma Ivoryhead 3.5"+

Copadichromis trewavase MLoto Msisi Fire line 2-3"+

Cynotilapia afra Lions cove 2.25-2.5"+

Electra deep water 2.25-2.5"

Enantiopus melanogenys Zambian "Black Face" F1 - 2"

Eureka Red 3.5"+

German Red 4.5" STUD

Hippo Point Salmon 2.5-3"

Lamprologus brevis .5-.75"

Lethrinops Intermedius 2"+

Metriaclima Msobo Deep 2.25-2.5"

Otopharynx Heterodon 2.25-2.5"

Otopharynx Lithobates Zrock 5"

Placidochromis electra blue Hongi 2.25-3"

Pseudotropheus perspicax Red top Ndumbi 1-1.25"

Psuedotropheus williamsi blue lips 1.75"

Red Dragonblood peacock male 4"+ STUD

Red exasperatus 1.75-2"

Red fin comps 1"+

Ruby Green Hap 2.5-3"+

Ruby Red Peacock 2.5"

Taiwan Reef Red 2.5-3"

Thorichthys Pasionis firemouth 1.5"

White calvus 1.25-1.5"

Yellow calvus 2"+

Non-Cichlid fresh water

African butterfly fish 2.5-3"

Black neon tetra 1"

Green/gold corys 2"

Half red/black guppy

Monte El Dorado Pleco L401 1.75-2.75"

Neon dwarf rainbowfish BIG 1.75-2.5"

Peacock gudgeon 1"+

Pineapple sword 1.5-2"

Red Rainbow 3"

Rummynose tetra 1"

Serpae tetra 1"

Steel Nebula Guppy

Java moss on driftwood 10-12"


Bicolor Angel

Blue koran Angel Juvy

Purple fire goby

Orchid dottyback med

Platinum Clownfish

Skunk cleaner shrimp

Tail spot blenny

Threadfin butterfly

Zebra stripe turbo snail

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