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3/30/17 New Arrivals

We have TONS of new fish in stock, a good amount of Africans on this update, and we still have some KILLER males available as well. The Geophagus Abalios and Red Head Tapajos are particularly nice for their size (3-5") Check the full list below, all prices have been updated on the website.

African Cichlids

Albino brichardi 1"

Albino Eureka Red 4-5" Pair


Albino Taiwan Reef 2"

Altolamprologus Compr Maswa Yellow Fin 1"

Astatotilapia (Hap.) latifasciata zebra obliquidens

Aulonocara Benga 5" STUD

Aulonocara Bicolor 500 5" STUD

Aulonocara Cobue Blue regal 4.5" STUD

Aulonocara Flame Tail Ngara 5" STUD

Aulonocara jacobfreibergi lemon F1 2"

Aulonocara Lwanda 2" and 5" STUD Male

Aulonocara Maleri Island 3-3.75" Male

Aulonocara Red Flash

Black Calvus 1.25"

Blue Dolphin 3'"

Copadichromis Red Fin Borleyi 4" Male

Cyno afra red top lundo 2-2.5"

Cyno. White top afra 1.5-2"

Cynotilapia afra Cobue orange back ~1.75"+

Cyprichromis Tricolor F1 2"

Dimidiochromis compressiceps 2.5"

Dragon Blood Male 4"

Enant. Melanogenys F1 zambian 1.5 inch

German Red 5"

Hap aneocolor 1.5" and 4" Male stud

Labeotropheus Red top trewavase 3-3.75" Male

Labeotropheus trewavase chilumba red 2"

Labidochromis perlmutt

Lamprologus red fin caudo 1 to 1.5 inch

Lamprologus tretocephalus 1.25

Lemon Jake 5" STUD

Lichnochromis acuticeps Malawi Gar 1.5-2"

Maingano 2.25"

Metriaclima Aurora 1.5"

Metriaclimia manda 2.5"

Msobo deep 2"+

Nimbochromis polystigma 3"

Placido Phenochilus 5" Pair

Placidochromis milomo VC 10 3-3.75" Male

Protomelas insignis 2.5"+

Pseudo. elongatus jewel spot 1.75"

Psuedo RT Ndumbi 3-3.5" Male

Psuedo Saulosi 3-3.5" Pair

Psuedo. Chewere 3-3.5" Pair

Psuedotropheus flavus 3-3.5" Pairs

Red exasperatus 2.25"

Red Sunshine 3-3.75" Male

Ruby Red 3.5" Pair

Thoracochromis sp. Inga Congo river

Tropheus duboisi Maswa F-1 1.75"

Yellow Labs 2.75"

Zebra Obliq. Hap. 2.5"-3"


Ancistrus sp calico longfin ~2.5"

Chocolate bushy nose pairs 5-6" BIG

Hypancistrus contradens L201 Snowball

Lemon drop LF bushy nose 2"

Orange Seam pleco L106

Pleco L007 Vampire red spot

Pseudacanthicus sp. L114 Red tail cactus

Super red bushy nose 2-2.5"

Synodontis brichardii 5.5"

Synodontis petricola dwarf 1.5"+


Blood Red Swords 1.5"-2"

Blue Banded Bush Fish

Blue Marble Angel 2" body size

Bosemani Rainbows

Cardinal Tetra

German Blue Rams 1.5"+ BIG

Gold Rams 1.5-2" BIG

Green neon tetra

Millenium Rainbows

Purple Passion Danios 2"+

Red Phantom tetra .75"

Sailfin black mollys 2.5-3"

Tiger Silver Dollars Med. 2"

Vampire Shrimp

White Clouds 1"+

South America Cichlids

Geophagus abalios 4.5-5.5"

Geophagus red head Tapajos 3.5"

Herichthys Tamasopoensis 2"+

Parach Motaguense Red 1.5-2"

Red Festae "Terror" 2-2.5"

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