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5/1/17 New Arrivals

We have a large selection of rare plecos, and catfish in stock. Some of these plecos are only available once per year, so get them fast as it will be a while before we get more in stock. We also have some new additions to our saltwater selection (Bicolor angel pictured above is one of them).


Adonis Pleco

Blue Eye Albino bushy 2"+

Brown Bushy Nose 3"+

Chubby pleco Parancistrus aurantiacus

Gold Nugget Pleco L081

Golden stripe Panaque L169

Hi Fin Green phatom pleco L200 A

Golden Vampire Leporacanthicus heterodon L172

Mango Pleco Baryancistrus chrysolomus L47

Medusa Pleco Ancistrus ranunculus L034

Momon River Zebra Pleco Peckolita sp. L226

Pareutropielus debauwie- Striped Glass Catfish

Para Pleco Hemiancistrus sabaji L75

Synodontis lucipinnis

Synodontis multipunctatus 2"+


Apistogramma pandurini - panda apisto

Apistogramma sp. Tefe

Aplochelichthys normani---Blue eyed Killie

Blue Variegated Delta Guppy

Cardinal tetra

Clown Loach BIG

Dwarf otocinculus

Electric Blue Ram

Emperor tetra

Otocinclus sp. "Tigre" - Zebra Oto cat

Pseudoepiplatys annulatus - Clown Killie

Roseline shark 3"


Orange spot eel - Aethiomastacembelus liberiensis

Rope Fish

Hillstream loach

Polypterus weeksii

South American Puffer Colomessus asellus


Bicolor Angel

Lawn Mower Blenny

Pajama Cardinal

Purple Firefish

South American

Orange Discus

Red Dragon Discus

Red Spot Gold Severum

Turqouise Discus

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