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9/10/17 New Arrivals!!

This latest round of new arrivals finds something for everyone! Many of these fish we haven't had ever, or for a very long time! Get them while they last!!


Aulonocara Flavescent

Aulonocara Maleri island sunshine

Blue Dolphin

Mylochromis ericotaenia

Placidochromis mdoka white lips 3-5" GREAT COLOR!

Placidochromis Phenochilus "Sapphire Star" Adults!!


Blue Phantom L128

Dwarf Giraffe Catfish

Galaxy Pleco L240 HUGE!!

Gold Nugget L018

Gold Synodontis

Green Phantom Hi Fin L200a

Orange Seam Pleco L106

Snowball Pleco L201

Stardust Bushynose pleco Ancistrus hoplogenys

Sultan Pleco L264


Black Ruby Barb

Blue and red guppies

Butterfly Reticulated Sucker

Cardinal tetra

Chain Loach - Sidthimunki Botia

Clown Loach

Daisy Ricefish Killie

Dwarf Pencilfish

Epiplatys infrafasciatus baroi “Bidou Red”

Epiplatys singa

Red Glass Barb

Reed Tetra

Rummynose tetra

Scarlet Badis

Sterbai Corydoras

Tiger Sand Loach

Vampire Shrimp HUGE


Microctenopoma ansorgii

Polypterus delhezi

Polypterus teugelsi NICE!!!

Silver Arowana


Geophagus Winemilleri Cichlid BIG!!

Lemon Oscar

Red Shoulder Severum

Red Spot Gold Severum Cichlid NICE!!

Uaru Cichlid


Anthias purple square

Bicolor goatfish

Blue Dot Goby

Blue Koran Angel

Blue Spotted puffer

Blue tuxedo urchin

Electric blue hermit crab

Flame Angel

Midnight clownfish

Niger Trigger

Orange back Fairy wrasse

Purple firefish goby

Racoon Butterfly

Snowflake clownfish

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