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12/14/17 New Arrivals!

We received a good sized shipment of saltwater in recently, and after several weeks everything is settled in very nicely, and ready to go! We also got some nice plecos, and odd balls in stock such as the Giant Raphael catfish, and the Gold Dust Polypterus!!


Megalodoras irwinei Armored Raphael Cafish

Synodontis eburnensis


Cardinal Tetra

Corydoras agassizi

Corydoras elegans

Corydoras hastatus

Flameback Bleeding heart tetra

Otocinclus cf. coccama "Zebra Oto"]


Black ghost knife

Gnathonemus petersii Elephant Nose

Polypterus palmas buettikoferi "Gold Dust"


"Star Light Pleco" Ancistrus dolichopterus L183

Chubby pleco

Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias L 007 "Red spotted Vampire Pleco"

Royal Pleco L190

Snowball Pleco L201

Stardust Gold Nugget L081

Sturisomahichthys sp. Colombia "Royal Farlowella"

Tiger Pleco L002


Blacker Ice Clown fish

Blackline Blenny

Cloud Wrasse

Domino Clownfish

Hollywood stunner chalice coral

Indigo Dottyback

Mai Tai Clown

Maroon Gold Stripe Clown

Molly Miller Blenny

Neon Green Pavona Coral

Orchid Dottyback

Picasso Clown

Red Head Goby

Snow Onyx Clown

Yellow Prawn Goby

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