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New Arrivals 3/5/18

We have a great assortment of oddballs - some nice catfish, Polypterus/Bichirs, and knife fish. We also got in a VERY nice assortment of harder to find Tanganyikan cichlids. And last but not least, we have some great looking male haps/peacocks in stock.


Dwarf Giraffe Catfish

Firewood Catfish - Sorubimichthys planiceps

Giant Raphael cat - Megalodoras irwinei

Giraffe Catfish

Synodontis multipunctatus

Synodontis waterlotti


Apistogramma sp. Orange

Corydoras atropersonatus

Corydoras elegans

Golden Rabbit snails

Koi Angels

Scriptaphyosemion chaytori

Towuti white spot snails

Vampire Shrimp


Albino electric blue ahli

Aulonocara baenschi

Aulonocara Bicolor 500

Aulonocara Cobue blue regal

Aulonocara Lemon Jake

Aulonocara ngara flametail

Chilotilapia rhoadesia

Dimidiochromis Kiwinge

Protomelas Tangerine Tiger

Taeniolethrinops praeorbitalis F1 RARE!!!

White Labs


Albino julidochromis ornatus

Black Calvus

Cyprichromis blue neon F1

Cyprichromis Zonatum

Kipilli zebra Comp


Neolamprologus Similis

Ophthalmotilapia boops mpimbwe F1

Opthalmotilapia tiger Nasuta F1

Paracyprichromis Nigrippinis F1

White Calvus


Papyrocrannus afer "Gold Spotted Knife"

Polypterus delhezi

Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri “Guinea”

Polypterus ornatipinnis


Buttefly Pleco L52

Gold Nugget L018

Gold Stripe Royal Pleco L169

Goldie Pleco L14 "Sao Felix do Xingu"

Marble Sailfin Pleco

Panaque schaeferi L203

Peckolita lineola L 202

Peppermint Pleco L30

Red Fin Cactus pleco L114

Red Spot Vampire Pleco L 007

Royal Pleco L190

Snowball pleco L201

Spotted Queen Arabesque L262

Star light pleco L183

Wormline Pleco L135


Gymnogeophagus Blue Valentine

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