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6/7/18 Newest Arrivals!!

We have TONS of new fish in stock, and there is a lot of selection from each group!! We've had a lot of people ask for true red festaes, and red tiger motas, and we finally got some in stock. We also got another good shipment of awesome plecos, and male Africans!!


* Albino Eureka Red

* All Red flameback

* Bicolor 500

* Black Piebald

* Chilotilapia Rhoadesii

* Copadichromis azureus

* Haplochromis sp. Tomato

* Nimbochromis Fusco

* OB Peacock

* Otopharynx Heterodon

* Placidochromis sp. "Electra Blue" Lundo Island

* Protomelas turquoise

* Pseudotropheus elongatus Chewere

* Pseudotropheus sp. "Williamsi North" Blue lips

* Psuedotropheus red top Ndumbi

* Red Sunshine peacock

* Ruby Red

* Thick skin hap

* Tropheops sp. "Red Cheek OB" Likoma

* Xystichromis Dayglow Fulu


* Cardinal tetra

* Diamond Tetra

* Double black veil angel

* Green neon tetra

* Hi-Fin Swords

* Longfin Cherry Barbs

* Longfin Gold Zebra Danios

* Odessa Barbs

* Platinum angel


* Aethiomastacembelus liberiensis "Orange Spotted Eel"

* Butterfly fish

* Ropefish

* Vampire Shrimp


* Albino bushy males BIG

* Farlowella twig pleco

* Gold Nugget L018

* Gold spot orange seam pleco L67

* Green dragon bushy LF

* Green Phantom L200a

* Hopliancistrus sp. L17

* Hypancistrus L404

* Lemon drop bushy SF

* Peppermint pleco L30

* Red Threasher pleco L11

* Spotted Tiger Pleco L075

* Vampire "Galaxy" pleco L 240


* Cichla intermedia "Royal peacock bass"

* Cichla piquiti "Azul peacock bass"

* Cryptoheros nannoluteus

* Cuban Cichlid

* Escondido Carpintas "Green Texas"

* Geophagus abalios

* Herichthys Bartoni

* Herichthys Pearsei

* Parachromis Dovii

* Red Festae "Red Terror"

* Red Tiger Motaguensis

* Satanoperca jurupari

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