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10/21/18 New Arrivals

We have another large list of new additions! This one is rather African Cichlid heavy, with some very nice F1 haps, that we rarely have as F1s. We also have some gorgeous rams, a fresh stock of fancy snails, quite a few Synodontis catfish, and a large amount of new saltwater fish/corals.


Blue Pinoy Angelfish

Electric blue Ram

Gold Dojo Loach

Gold Ram

Hillstream Loach

Koi Angelfish

Peacock Gudgeon

Red Panda Barb

Threadfin Rainbow

Tiger Botia

Tiger orange track snails

Zebra big line snails


Aristochromis Christyi F1

Buccochromis Nototaenia F1

Buccochromis Spectabilis F1

Chilotilapia Rhoadesii

Copadichromis mloto ivory head

Exochromis Anagengys F1

Fossorochromis Rostratus

Haplichromis Ornatus F1

Haplochromis Linni F1

Lethrinops Intermedium F1

Nimbochromis Venustus

Placidochromis pheonchilus Sapphire star F1


Albino Auratus

Pseudotropheus Acei yellow tail

Pseudotropheus Saulosi F1

White Lab


Albino Eureka Red

Alunocara Stuartgranti Cobue "Blue Regal"

Aulonocara lemon Jake

Aulonocara Ngara flame tail

Ruby Red


Hoplo Catfish

Longfin Albino Bushy nose

Rhino Pleco

Sun Catfish

Super red bushy

Synodontis Angelicus

Synodontis Eupterus

Zebra Synodontis


Blue leg hermit crab

Devils hand leather coral

Dragon Goby

Duncan polyp

Ebeli angel

Emerald crab

Flasher wrasse male

Heniochus Butterfly

Peppermint shrimp HUGE!


Royal gramma

Sailfin tang

Samurai Squirrelfish

Sand sifting starfish

Torch Coral


Wardley Wrasse

Watchman pink spotted goby

Yellow flanked fairy wrasse


Acarichthys Heckelii

Cryptoheros red point Honduran

Cryptoheros Sajica "T-Bar Cichlid"

Electric Blue Acara

Green Texas

Gynogeophagus Norte

Herichthys Bartoni

Longfin Oscar

Red Shoulder Severum

Red Spot Gold Severum

Red Terror Festae

Texas cichild


Inkfin Calvus

Julidochromis regani midnight

Red Frontosa

White Calvus

Yellow calvus


All red kyoga flameback

Haplochromis aneocolor Yellow belly Albert

Pundamilia blue bar

Red Fin Piebald

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